Government & Emergency

Dossier is the finest management software tool available for government, city, and emergency vehicle fleet operations. Dossier automates control and administration, while using real-time data to unlock the hidden productivity and cost savings potential through powerful, customizable reports.

City of Rock Hill, SC

Dossier reporting plays an instrumental role in managing our 1300+unit fleet for the City of Rock Hill, South Carolina. The City of Rock Hill prides itself in public service, the quality of life we provide our citizens along with our amazing parks. The ability to take multiple inputs to create easy to read and accurate reports is imperative to help with anything from fuel consumption data to alternative fuel grant information. Dossier allows us to operate at a high level of service meeting the demands of a growing city and fleet. In these economic times any asset to help the tax payer keep a little money in their pocket is an essential tool to have.

City of Rock Hill, SC


The City of Syracuse has combined the Departments of Aviation, Fire Police, Public Works, Water and School Districts’ fleet maintenance programs into one which is all under Dossier. Although each division is at a separate location and all under one office, Dossier is utilized by all. Prior to Dossier, each department utilized separate programs and spreadsheets to keep track of their fleet maintenance and inventories. We are also pulled in the offices of Purchase and Bureau of Accounts to use Dossier for our vehicle inventories.

The City of North Charleston implemented Dossier fleet management software in October of 2005. The flexibility of the software has allowed us to progressively improve our program and tailor it to fit the needs of the City. On occasion, we’ve elected to make significant changes to our processes thereby requesting assistance from the Dossier support staff to implement these changes. The Dossier training and technical support staff have been no less than excellent in guiding and facilitating these changes. The attitude, knowledge and technical skills of the staff made the transition seem effortless and painless. A special thanks to the Fleet Management Consulting and Support teams for always being friendly, helpful, and understanding in diagnosing and assisting in improving our processes. Since implementing the Dossier software system we have recorded significant advancements and improvements and been able to document valuable information, identify trends, and implement initiatives that continues to effectively reduce cost to the tax payer.

Dossier’s various functions and reports generated have allowed us to run an effective and proficient fleet department. Dossier has proven to be an invaluable asset to our operation. With over 16 years’ experience in the automotive sales and service industry, I can easily spot excellence in the area of customer service /support when it is displayed. On countless occasions, Dossier support has always been there when we needed them. When calling for customer support in any industry, easy access to a live, human voice is half the battle. Although access to a Dossier support is seamless, it is the knowledge they provide, backed by experience, that makes them the complete package. I think the fact that most, if not all of Dossier’s support professionals have worked in the fleet maintenance industry which is key to their success.