Burlington, N.J. – (02 December 2015) — Dossier Systems, the industry-leading provider of fleet maintenance management software and solutions, today announced the availability of GPS Insight as a new data provider for Dossier On-Board. GPS Insight is a leading fleet tracking provider, and the integration will provide meter and diagnostic information transfer from GPS Insight to Dossier.

According to Bob Hausler, Dossier Systems VP of Marketing and Technology, the first stage of the integration is available now and delivers unit meter readings directly into Dossier client databases. “Meters drive Preventive Maintenance, so having up to date meter data in your maintenance system is critical to getting PMs done on time, and avoiding the breakdowns that follow missed PMs,” said Hausler. “Manually collecting and inputting meters is a process that inevitably has errors and missed readings – automatic import/update solves those problems.”

Implementation of the function requires no special configuration in the telematics environment, and in Dossier is as simple as associating the telematics unit ID to the Dossier unit number, and inputting GPS Insight account information. You can literally have it set up and working on your first unit in minutes, according to Hausler.

Early in 2016, Dossier Systems plans to release the second stage of the GPS Insight integration, which will include the automatic import and processing of vehicle Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). When Dossier receives a DTC, it will automatically create a work request (Work Pending item). From the Dossier Daily Reminder Dashboard, this Work Pending can be converted to a Repair Order with a single click, dramatically reducing the time from problem identification to repair action.

“Rob Donat and his team at GPS Insight are great people that I’ve known for many years.  They are strong innovators who are very responsive and serve their customers very well. The Dossier – GPS Insight integration offers a lot of value for our growing base of mutual customers and will allow them to leverage their data to drive proactive maintenance management to reduce costs and improve reliability, safety, efficiency, and compliance,” said Jack Boetefuer, CEO of Dossier Systems.


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