Training Maximizes Productivity

Dossier software training is the best and most efficient way to increase ROI and take full advantage of continued feature updates that maximize productivity.

Training is performed by a senior Dossier expert who has years of knowledge on working with the software and users including Fleet Managers, Data Entry Clerks, Parts Room Clerks, Mechanics, Fleet Program Administrators, corporate IT professionals and company executives including VPs of Operations, Finance, and Compliance.

Three training options are available: in-person seminars, on-site training at your facility and online training.

Each trainee uses an individual workstation and follows the instructor through the program’s features and functions. The training is hands-on and includes student exercises in addition to instruction. In-person Seminars are held at our corporate headquarters near Philadelphia and at locations around the country on a rotating schedule.

A. Dossier Basic Training Seminar – (3 Days) This broad-based seminar for new users focuses on day-to-day data entry for vehicles and equipment, parts, mechanics and vendor data; entering repair orders; ordering and receiving parts; entering meter and fuel data; running and using data reports and other routine daily procedures.

B. Manager, Administration & Security Seminar – (2 Days) This seminar is designed to help experienced users better utilize the program’s features and increase data entry efficiencies. Additional topics include configuring the program’s words and terms, security and network issues, better use of reports, work flows, general system administration and operational management.

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Whether you are deploying Dossier for the first time or just want a refresher course, we are happy to provide you and your staff with on-site training. These courses are customized to your environment and can focus on specific areas of the program if desired.  You must provide an adequate training room or facility away from daily interruptions, and computer hardware on which to train. We can help arrange these items upon request.

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Online training is available to increase proficiency and productivity related to a specific area of the program. This is also a great way to gain understanding on new program updates without having to leave your office.

A. Open General Session – We will review a topic or program feature with several attendees online at the same time. Presentations are scheduled on regular intervals during the month and last between ½ – 1 ½ hours depending upon the topic and number of attendees.

B. Custom Online Training Session – We will cover any single topic, feature or operating issue of your choosing. Presentations are on a prearranged basis. This type of training is not meant to replace the full value or scope of the on-site or seminar training sessions.

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