Improve productivity & compliance, while lowering costs

The AMCS Fleet Maintenance (formerly Dossier) gives you comprehensive management of your fleet assets and all related areas. It empowers you to manage your equipment, employees, shops, and resources in real time — enabling you to unlock hidden productivity within your fleet and reach its cost-savings potential.


Business Value Drivers

Business Value Drivers

Increased Productivity

The intuitive web UX delivers streamlined access to management, planning, and analysis cards and dashboards.

Save Costs

With the AMCS Fleet Maintenance Solution, you will not only save costs but can also avoid costs that are unnecessary.

Compliance and Safety

AMCS Fleet Maintenance Solution gives you the tools to ensure that your fleet is safe and in compliance.

Selecting The Right Fleet Maintenance Software

No matter what kind of fleet you operate, getting the most from your assets in today’s economy is a must. Whether your ultimate goal is to maximize profitability and productivity, or minimize cost and waste, you need the right information, presented in actionable reports. This is the power of Dossier, simply the finest maintenance management software tool available.


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