HOUSTON, TX – Silver Eagle Distributors has significantly improved fleet maintenance efficiency with AMCS Fleet Maintenance. AMCS Fleet Maintenance puts the power of maintenance management software in the hands of technicians wherever they’re working, in the shop or in the yard.

Silver Eagle is the largest distributor of Anheuser-Busch products by volume in the nation. The company uses AMCS Fleet Maintenance software and Pocket to maintain its warehouse equipment and an on-road fleet which delivers Budweiser and Bud Light, as well as many other Anheuser-Busch and import brands to the southeast

Texas cities of Houston, San Antonio, and their suburbs.

The Silver Eagle fleet consists of 320 tractors, 368 trailers, 278 vans, 30 pickups, 61 cars, along with various vehicles used to promote product sales and a very large off-road fleet of forklifts, sweepers, and scrubbers. Silver Eagle is a proud participant in the Houston-Galveston Area Council Clean Vehicles/Clean Fleet campaign which is a collaborative and proactive effort to address air quality issues in designated non-attainment areas.

An AMCS Fleet Maintenance user since 1995, Silver Eagle added 28 Pocket PCs in 2006. According to Ed Pritchard, Silver Eagle’s senior vice president of fleet management and purchasing, the increased efficiency in labor and productivity has been obvious.

At Silver Eagle, Pocket AMCS Fleet Maintenance links wirelessly to AMCS Fleet Maintenance software running on the company server. Technicians have instant access to AMCS Fleet Maintenance’s vehicle data wherever they’re working. Handheld access has eliminated the need for technicians to walk to a desktop computer, which may or may not be accessible to them at any given time.

“The reason we decided to implement Pocket AMCS Fleet Maintenance was to make it easier for our technicians to do repair orders and access performance reports from their work stations. When they go out to the yard to look at a vehicle, they can look up all the information they need with their handheld on the spot,” Pritchard explained. “Mechanics can go straight to the equipment, do what they need to do, and find out what they need to know. It’s that simple.”

“In the past, mechanics had to fill out a form and hand-write everything they did on a vehicle,” Pritchard said. “We have templates for Pocket AMCS Fleet Maintenance so when they’re reporting on routine jobs, they only need to press one button and all the information is right there at their fingertips.”

Templates apply to various state inspections and levels of preventative maintenance inspections. The company uses VMRS (Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards) for recording and benchmarking maintenance performance.

However, the time savings aren’t limited to the technicians.

Before Pocket AMCS Fleet Maintenance, mechanics filled out paper forms. The information was then keyed into the AMCS Fleet Maintenance system, sometimes with copying errors. Some handwritten entries were illegible.

“Pocket AMCS Fleet Maintenance has been a great enhancement to Silver Eagle fleet operations because it reduces labor costs and enhances shop productivity. In addition, it streamlines our maintenance scheduling, and simply eliminates a lot of paperwork,” Pritchard said.