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Dave Reed and Jim Nicholl Fleet Management Consultants –

Emails! Voice Messages! Text Messages! You get them all day long; the phone is ringing with driver equipment issues, people are walking in and out of the office, mechanics need help – you need to do something with all those messages. You have to stop what you are doing and process the issues.

Dossier Lite is a new feature introduced in Dossier 6.4 that allows any user or driver with a smartphone or tablet to post meter readings and any equipment problems from their device. Dossier Lite works in the background empowering you to manage these issues as they come across from your drivers directly into Dossier.

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One of the problems we all face is updating meters – if you’re manually keying after recording readings during yard checks or from DVIRS on a daily basis –– it’s labor intense and time consuming either way. Drivers can now log in with their cell phone or tablet and add daily meter readings, timely and accurately! Valid meter readings automatically get posted, updating your PM status in real time.

Drivers can also report equipment issues, which show up automatically on your Daily Reminder as ‘Unapproved Work Pending’ for your review. You can review these items on your Daily Reminder and change the status to ‘Open’ to add them into your regular Work Pending files, or file them as ‘Unnecessary for safe operation.’

Statuses are:

  • Approve – (becomes Open with all your Work Pending on your Daily Reminder)
  • Approve & Create New R/O – (creates a R/O for the unit in Dossier)
  • Repair Unnecessary for Safe Operation – (Removes it from the list and files it)
  • Repair Unnecessary for Safe Operation (Leave Open) – (Adds it to the Open Work Pending list on your Daily Reminder)

Drivers can add pictures from their device that will be attached to the Work Pending. And, in case of road breakdowns, their location can be attached to show on a map when you open the Work Pending.

All Work Pending status changes are available in your Dossier reports.

Dossier Lite access is available to all Dossier On-Demand and Premise Installed Dossier users with a current Software Maintenance & Support Services (SM&SS) agreement. For more information on Dossier Lite, contact us at



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