Designed by experienced fleet people who understand your management challenges, Dossier is the finest fleet maintenance software tool available. Dossier automates the control and administration of your truck or vehicle fleet and other assets. It uses real-time data to unlock the hidden productivity and cost savings potential through powerful, customizable reports. Easy to implement and use, Dossier fleet maintenance software can:

  • Reduce downtime and maintenance costs
  • Extend life of equipment
  • Reduce parts costs and inventory
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce fuel and tire costs, and cost per mile
  • Increase admin efficiency & regulatory compliance

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Working With Dossier

Dossier’s software environment is intelligent and automated, connecting sources of data that impact your fleet. The program is robust with state-of-the-art fleet technologies and systems designed to help you operate your fleet at the least amount of cost possible.


Dossier can handle any type of fleet and non-fleet asset or equipment and comes preloaded with standard fleet industry words, terms and VMRS codes. To keep the learning curve low, terms can be added, deleted or changed to those with which your staff is already familiar.

Easy Implementation

Most customers are up and running their fleet on Dossier within days. Even computer novices can perform accurate data entry and produce high-quality actionable reports almost immediately. Dossier’s consistent look and feel means that once your staff learns one screen, they will know them all.

Seamless Workflow

Extensive drop-down lists, auto-fill-in standard repair templates and our point-and-click method of data entry minimize the need for typing. Dossier’s “add-on-the-fly” software makes it quick and easy to add or change equipment, parts, personnel, vendors, words and terms when needed.

Reporting Power

Dossier will collect and analyze your activity and spending, and present quantitative, actionable fleet information to show you potential savings and hidden productivity. Over 150 pre-formatted, searchable, sortable reports are available, ready to start delivering decision support on Day 1.

Dossier Users Group

In addition to company support, customers benefit from the experience and insights of the Dossier Users Group community, an invaluable resource for ongoing information and tips. Each year, the user community comes together at the Summit conference and training event.

Superior Support

Our fleet consultants are all former fleet managers and can help guide your implementation by using best practices. Our support team is simply the best in the business and will help you get the most from your Dossier software after you are up and running.

Technology That Delivers Without Getting In Your Way

Dossier has stayed ahead of the curve since its release in 1979. While it’s built on powerful relational database technology, the user interface is uncomplicated. For example, Dossier supports bar code and RFID technology to increase the ease and accuracy of data entry in a clean, straightforward way. Dossier’s bar coding software produces special parts warranty labels to prevent misplacing parts needed for claims, meaning that there is no additional need to do anything custom to get bar code labels.

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