Dossier On-Demand – All of the Benefits of Dossier Without the IT Infrastructure 

Dossier On-Demand allows you to operate Dossier over the internet using the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Startup of Dossier On-Demand is fast and easy, and provides advantages in cost, technology, convenience, support, and maintenance over traditional application software deployment methods.

Dossier On-Demand

The benefits of Dossier without the IT hassles. No high up front infrastructure server hardware and software costs. Pay only an initial set-up fee per user and a monthly service fee.

Access your system and data from anywhere you have an internet connection. We provide secure hosting with multiple levels of redundancy and backup, plus centralized document storage.

You get the same great Dossier Software and Support Services as an on premise installation.

The SaaS method of software deployment is attractive from an accounting perspective as the cost is Operational Expense (OpEx) vs Captital Expense (CapEx).


Server(s) Not Required

All of the servers, software, connection management, technical staff, infrastructure, and backup services are provided by Dossier Systems. All that you need is a PC or device for each user and a good internet connection.

You not only avoid the initial acquisition cost, you also don’t need to worry about obsolescence and life-cycle management issues on expensive server grade hardware and software.

Upgrades to the Dossier software and unlimited Technical Support are included as part of the Dossier On-Demand service agreement.

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As the person responsible for day-to-day operations, you need to save time, work smarter, and focus on what really matters. Find out how Dossier’s fully automated system can help.


Want to optimize your company’s equipment operations and control costs? Find out how Dossier Software will provide actionable insights to help you make quick and well-informed business decisions.


You want the best possible, most efficient and profitable fleet on the street. Dossier’s features and reports provide everything your company needs to operate at peak performance.



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