Quantitative, Actionable Fleet Information

Dossier includes 150+ pre-formatted, searchable, selectable, sortable reports to address the needs of all levels of management and help you optimize efficiency through advanced fleet manager software reporting. All fleet tracking reports can be viewed on screen, printed, emailed, personalized and saved to the data file type of your choice for future use.

Operational Reports

  • Equipment, PM service and inspection schedules
  • Campaign, recall and work pending
  • Repair orders and maintenance histories
  • Parts inventory control, fuel management and warranty management
  • License and permit expirations
  • Mechanic and vendor spending

Management Reports

  • Fleet cost and performance at a glance
  • Tracking of costs and performance by category of equipment
  • Fleet tracking reports combining operating and cost data
  • Year-to-date fleet expenses, parts inventory values, life cycle management and personnel productivity
  • Fuel management trends tracked period-over-period or year-over-year.
  • Depreciation, insurance and recurring cost auto-posting

Executive Reports

  • Vehicle tracking reports for equipment utilization and life cycle projections
  • Fuel consumption
  • Expenses by reason of repair
  • Total fleet operating costs and cost-per-mile data

Customizable Reports

Need something special? A custom collection of fleet data for analysis? Or maybe you want Dossier to produce a report that replicates a format that your company is already using. Dossier Systems’ team of support and development professionals can quickly create a report or data export to your specifications, whether it’s a management summary or an input to your business system. And just like any standard report, custom reports can leverage Dossier’s Search & Select query tool and be scheduled to run unattended.