Dossier fleet management software is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your fleet assets, empowering you to manage your equipment, employees and resources in real time through a robust set of fleet maintenance features:

Daily Reminder Dashboard

The Daily Reminder Dashboard is Dossier’s totally automated command center, providing the wealth of information to facilitate active decision-making with a focus on productivity and profitability. The dashboard, “Your Virtual Fleet Assistant,” provides real-time fleet tracking information including:

  • Due or overdue PM services or inspections
  • Work pending with issues displayed in priority order
  • Backordered parts that need to be reordered
  • Repair orders that are open and in progress
  • Employee driver licenses, physicals or other admin items needing attention
  • Equipment with licenses, permits or any other scheduled admin items needing renewal
  • Quotes awaiting customer approval or approved quotes awaiting equipment
  • Open parts returned to a vendor and awaiting credit
  • Tire management data displaying tires in need of attention
    (including low air pressure or tread issues)

Predictive Scheduling & Maintenance

Dossier brings predictive scheduling and maintenance front and center on your dashboard to maximize your fleet’s productivity and ROI. Through automated reporting and fact-based decision-making, you’ll move scheduled repair work to 80% of ALL work performed, with vehicles going from PM service to PM service without a breakdown. Dossier’sInstant Recall Maintenance History helps to identify and reduce rework, increase warranty recapture dollars, identify high-cost units and support equipment life cycle replacement decisions based on costs or utilizations.


Dossier Lite

Dossier Lite allows non-maintenance personnel to send Meter Readings and Work Pending (WP) requests to a Dossier system. This is ideal for drivers, and you can allow these functions to be performed by users even if they do not have a Dossier user license. Dossier Lite sends Meter and WP info to DCloud, which will deliver it to a Dossier system, where it becomes part of normal Dossier processes and workflows. With Dossier Lite, up to six image files can be uploaded from your browser for each Work Pending.

Dossier Mobile Lite apps for iOS and Android

Dossier Mobile Lite apps deliver the same functionality as Dossier Lite, but do so using native apps on mobile devices, which offers advantages. Using a mobile device usually means that you have an integrated camera, so if the WP item is such that a visual would help, you can snap the pic(s) right from within Dossier Mobile Lite (or choose pics previously taken on your device). Another great use of mobile technology is GPS. If your mobile device has GPS capability, you can use Dossier Mobile Lite’s “Use Your Location” option; this will include GPS coordinates in the WP. When the item is viewed on Dossier, you can click to see a map showing the location where the WP was entered.


Inventory Management (Optional in Essentials)

Efficient and accurate inventory management is essential to reducing vehicle downtime while still reducing on-hand, duplicated and obsolete parts. Dossier’s comprehensive system handles recording, tracking, costing, cycle counting and automatic reordering to ensure you always have the right amount of parts on hand — no more, no less.


Fuel Usage, Vehicle Tracking, and Performance Analysis

As one of your most significant expenses, fuel merits close tracking and management; the Dossier dashboard allows you to monitor costs, consumption, mpg and efficiency trends. Based on historical data and benchmarks you create, you’ll have the ability to identify units and drivers with poor fuel efficiency.


Personnel Management (Optional in Essentials)

Dossier enables you to track any person associated with your fleet operations, from their files, records and photos, to ongoing data related to productivity, repair history and costs, CDL license and physician exam renewals, and more.


Vendor Management (Optional in Essentials)

Dossier facilitates the tight control of external vendors by tracking all activity and purchase history, as well as their terms and contacts. By monitoring vendor spending, you’ll gain the negotiating power to lower parts and service pricing while holding vendors accountable.


Management and Control of Warranty Costs

Keeping track of warranty data is one of the most time-consuming yet important elements of managing a cost-efficient fleet. Dossier simplifies the tracking and reporting of warranty costs as they are incurred – without the added time and cost of manual entry.


DOT and OSHA compliance

Keep your fleet in compliance with DOT and OSHA regulations and eliminate fines by automatically scheduling driver license renewals, CDL certificates and physicals, tracking mechanic certifications, and more.


VMRS Coding

Dossier supports the full 9-digit VMRS codes for labor as well as parts on repair orders and external repairs, quotes, authorizations and repair order import. You can even add VMRS Technician Fail Codes to labor lines on repair orders and quotes to get more information for failure analysis on buying decisions.



Leverage the full power of Dossier software through more than 150 operational, management and executive reports, as well as the ability to create customized reporting on any aspect of your fleet.