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Utility and Infrastructure organizations need a fleet of equipment that is well maintained for daily operations, and ready to respond at a moment’s notice due to unexpected natural disasters and emergencies.

Since 1979, Dossier Systems has helped utility and infrastructure organizations optimize their fleet performance, reduce operating costs and minimize risk by providing intuitive fleet maintenance software, and insightful professional services.

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Charley’s Concrete, Keller, TX

Implementing Dossier into our fleet operations has allowed us to create the foundation to launch an excellent preventative maintenance program as well as a new parts program. Since inception, this software has also helped us import our electronic fuel data more efficiently. We are also able to track manufacturer comparisons on cost and fuel mileage. With Dossier tracking all of this data, we have been able to run numerous reports and see our cost per unit in real time Dossier has been an excellent addition to our business.  

Danny Flowers, Fleet/Purchasing GM

Charley’s Concrete, Keller, TX


Dossier has and continues to be a crucial tool in our fleet maintenance program. We have been using Dossier since 2008 to keep up with PM schedules and parts inventory. I attended my first training seminar in October of 2014. This was an eye opener for me realizing that we were utilizing only a small percentage of what Dossier is capable of. Returning from the seminar we were able to incorporate fuel importing, which had a drastic impact on overdue PMs, as well as using the licenses/permits to aid in vehicle registrations, tag expirations and driver DOT renewals. Keeping up with HTC’s 300+ fleet vehicles is a challenge to say the least; however, this tool and the support team at Dossier has been and continues to be the key to a successful fleet maintenance program here at HTC.

The City of Independence, the fourth largest city in Missouri, has joined the Dossier family. Our growing fleet of over 850 utility, police, fire, and public works vehicles are now being managed by the Dossier program. We have found it easy to integrate into our maintenance routine and provide us with the information we need to keep our fleet serviced and reliable. No longer are we reacting to issues that could have been addressed if we had just completed the preventive maintenance when required. Our maintenance people are happier but most importantly, our field people who use these vehicles are happier too. They just don’t know, it’s because Dossier has organized our maintenance to be timely and productive.


Dossier Preventative Maintenance Compliance Software has provided Cobb EMC the necessary tools that are needed to track PMs, 5Ks, annuals, boom rebuilds, repair order history etc. Cobb EMC manages over 400 pieces of equipment, and without this tracking system, preventative maintenance would be difficult if not impossible. Preventative ensures safe and reliable operation of Cobb EMC’s equipment for our crews. This is especially important since Cobb EMC always puts safety first in everything we do. Thank you, Dossier Systems, for your superior customer service and providing such a great product that ensures the maintenance of our equipment and the safety of our crews!

Every year we add new ways to track our fleet here at The Regional Water Authority. Whether it’s CPM, Maintenance, parts inventory, downtime of vehicles, Parts needed to be ordered, parts on hand for a job, MPG or just about anything you can think of, Dossier has made all this information available for us at the touch of a few keystrokes. Although the options available are in excess of what we use or even may need, it’s there. If you don’t know how to gain this information a simple phone call to their fantastic support team makes it easy. Before Dossier, we had a notebook and had to write all the information in this book. I still keep this book and look through it from time to time to remind me of how much data and information was overlooked before we got Dossier. This year we added forty backup generators to the list of things Dossier tracks; we also started to track mechanics certifications, CDL licenses and physicals. There is no end to the savings associated with the addition of Dossier to our fleet over the years.