Waste & Recycling

Modern waste hauling equipment is highly complex and requires frequent preventive and corrective maintenance. Tracking and understanding costs with associated business intelligence and reporting on asset type, and line of business in this highly competitive industry, is crucial for making informed decisions.

Since 1979, Dossier Systems has given waste and recycling companies the most advanced software tools to manage and track every aspect of their fleet program. From preventative maintenance scheduling to parts and fuel management, Dossier helps fleet personnel manage costs and maintain a safe fleet.

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Solid Waste of Central Ohio

SWACO has been using the Dossier System since early 2003; the depth of the system’s capabilities enables us to continuously find new ways to incorporate it into our constantly evolving business model.   We are able to track so many different facets of our fleet maintenance system, fuel management system and inventory that we have been able to run a much leaner, more productive operation. We are especially interested in the equipment tracking ability of Dossier. It allows us to see what units are in need of replacement by age, miles, excessive fuel consumption or life cost. This was instrumental in determining which of our trucks we were going to replace with new CNG powered vehicles. The oldest or one with the most miles is not always the right unit to replace and Dossier lets us see that.

Greg Knoblock, Mechanic Supervisor

Solid Waste of Central Ohio


To be competitive in the municipal and commercial markets, we are always seeking ways to increase productivity and decrease costs without compromising quality. Dossier allows us to monitor and analyze, in real time, the needs of our work horses – our fleet. Dossier helps keep us running as efficiently as possible by tracking usage and recording maintenance, as well as using the tools for predictive maintenance and inventory management. Having the dashboard for my maintenance managers’ quick reference, and the ability to run detailed compliance or expense reports at the touch of a button, allows me to manage our entire fleet maintenance program easily and efficiently.

I have been using Dossier since 1999; I’ve used other fleet software programs but none were as easy to use or had as many reporting options as Dossier. Dossier helped me develop equipment-specific preventative maintenance plans, monitor fuel costs, manage vehicle specifications, and ensures that I am taking advantage of all warranty claims. The support staff has been excellent over the years, from implementation to problem solving. I’m currently using the Dossier On-Demand web-based system, which gives me easy access to my information when traveling across the country to ACT Environmental Services’ various locations.

Thanks to our partnership with Dossier Systems we have been able to improve the overall performance of our fleet. We operate more than 400 vehicles and our business is rapidly growing. Dossier has given us the tools which allow us to manage and track every aspect of our fleet program. The Dossier software has proven to be extremely proficient and we’re very happy with its ease of use and the smoothness of the periodic enhancements to the system.

“Hauling into the future with Dossier software to produce optimal developments for our fleets’ maintenance”

In searching for an intuitive ways to improve the longevity of our waste removal fleet as well as our personnel, kmG Hauling Inc. has invested and partnered with Dossier Systems!  The Dossier software has launched us into the leading edge of technology.  It provides critical information that is needed in the waste and recycling industry with the real-time data that it provides from the scheduled maintenance, fuel and performance tracking to our key personnel.   What has really helped us at kmG Hauling Inc. is the ability to track parts. The real-time data of the cost per mile allows us to choose best repair parts for our dollar while keeping inventory at a minimum.