Burlington, N.J. – (24 April 2017) — Dossier Systems, the industry-leading provider of fleet maintenance management software and solutions, announced the release of Dossier 6.6 last week at Dossier Summit, their annual User Group Conference. Dossier 6.6 is the latest, feature-rich version of Dossier Systems’ flagship software.

Dossier 6.6 adds significant user benefits, while continuing to build on technology infrastructure enhancements introduced in earlier versions. In addition to expanding the Dossier Active Alerts notification system, Dossier 6.6 delivers new integration tools for business systems, as well as expanded telematics/inspection integration. The integrations include:

  • An automatic import for Technician Hours data from timekeeping systems such as Kronos.
  • A pre-packaged General Accounting Export, which groups maintenance cost into standard accounting GL buckets for easier import into business systems.
  • Support for additional Dossier On-Board telematics/inspection partners. These will be described individually in joint announcements with partners.

According to Bob Hausler, Dossier Systems VP of Marketing and Technology, “The timing of these features is no coincidence. We are executing our roadmap according to the needs of our user community. For example, last year we introduced a very deep set of Standard Repair definition tools, as well as enhanced Standard Repair Time (SRT) evaluation metrics. Since the value of the SRT productivity metrics is the comparison of paid work time to wrench time, the next logical step was to provide a simple error free way to get Technician paid time data from timekeeping systems in Dossier, so Dossier 6.6 has a new optional importer. We have also enhanced our existing Fuel Import option to include additional data, for better accountability and auditing.”

“Dossier’s new General Accounting Export allows Dossier 6.6 to deliver key financial data to business systems,” continued Hausler. “Dossier has always had an extensive library of reports and decision support tools for fleet and maintenance managers. To extend that functionality, we developed a new set of tools to help deliver the right data for finance in a format that doesn’t require them to do a bunch of Excel gymnastics before it’s usable. The new General Accounting Export packages cost into the most commonly used GL buckets; of course, we can customize it if a client needs something slightly different.”

“Our customers frequently need to get data between their various systems, and between their providers. This is now a key focus area for us, as this release demonstrates,” said Jack Boetefuer, CEO of Dossier Systems. “Our roadmap continues to drive Dossier forward not only in terms of being a best in class asset/maintenance management system, but also as a good citizen in our customers’ overall business environment. We continue to seek out and integrate with partner solutions which our users employ.”

In addition to the features described above, Dossier 6.6 contains dozens of customer-driven changes and enhancements.

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