Burlington, NJ (27 March 2015)– Dossier Systems, a leading provider of intuitive fleet maintenance software and solutions, announced today that Jack Poster, VMRS Services Manager for the Technology & Maintenance Council of the American Trucking Association, will be a featured presenter at the 2015 Dossier Users Group Summit, taking place April 22-23 at the Hyatt Regency Baltimore.

In 2007, Jack became TMC’s VMRS Services Manager for the American Trucking Association. He is now the caretaker of the VMRS coding convention working with fleets, OEMs, software firms and all users of VMRS to insure the integrity of the codes. His duties include adding new codes to the database and also educating people to the many uses of VMRS.

Jack’s presentation will be all about “Maximizing your use of VMRS.” Dossier users will have the opportunity to sit in on Jack’s presentation, as he and Dossier Systems fleet management consultants, Dave Reed and Jim Nicholl, discuss the importance of how a fully implemented VMRS program is to managing fleet operations. They will also highlight key Dossier features that leverage VMRS to drive improvements and give the ability to analyze and improve fleets.

“We are delighted to have Jack as a featured presenter at the Dossier Users Group Summit,” said Bob Hausler, Dossier Systems VP of Marketing and Technology. “He brings an unparalled level of knowledge and expertise on VMRS coding that is sought after and highly respected by industry executives, general managers and fleet professionals interested in achieving maintenance data accuracy.”

Jack has worked in the transportation industry for more then 30 years. His family owned a Chrysler-Plymouth agency in Western Pennsylvania. After college Jack returned to help run the dealership. Later he moved to Northern Virginia to raise his family and work for Merchant’s Tire & Auto (one of the nations largest independent tire dealers).

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