BALTIMORE – (23 April 2015) — Dossier Systems is working to expand partnerships with outside technology vendors while continuing to develop new ways for customers to interact with its fleet-maintenance software, company executives said here at the Dossier Users Group Summit.

The company said it will be able to build and maintain integrations more quickly and easily through its new cloud-based platform, called Dossier Cloud Services, or DCloud, which it introduced in the newest version of its software, Dossier 6.4.

That update also includes a variety of new features and mobile tools designed to make it easier for fleets to manage vehicle repair and maintenance.

“You’ll see this is the first step on our journey toward a completely new user interface,” CEO Jack Boetefuer said April 22. “Our strategy is to let people work in whatever environment they prefer to work in. We’re going to let you work in iOS, Android, Web browser — whatever you want depending on what your role is and what you want to do.”
He said Dossier’s ongoing efforts to evolve its technology architecture while adding more customer options will culminate in version 7, which the company hopes to preview at next year’s user group summit.

In the meantime, a key element of Dossier’s growth strategy is to partner with additional telematics providers and other players in the trucking technology space, Boetefuer said.

Dossier offers integrations with Verizon Networkfleet and Zonar Systems, but the company is talking with other major telematics firms about partnerships, he said.

Dossier also integrates with McLeod Software, one of the industry’s largest providers of transportation management software, and parts providers Napa and Uni-Select.

By adding more integrations, Dossier will expand its reach to those companies’ install bases while giving customers more options to improve their operations, Boetefuer said.

The development of DCloud arose from the complexity of adding multiple third-party suppliers under Dossier’s previous technology structure, said Bob Hausler, vice president of marketing and technology.

“Anytime anything changes in any of those areas, we would have to update Dossier, which means [the customer] would have to update Dossier,” he said.

Now, DCloud manages all the data streams that feed into the Dossier system, eliminating the need for customers to keep individual connections up to date on their end.

Boetefuer said Dossier added 54 customers last year and expanded its staff to 43 employees, including about 15 in software development.

He also briefly addressed Dossier Systems’ recent name change.

The Burlington, New Jersey-based company changed its name from Arsenault Associates in October 2014 to match the brand used by its software product.

“Nothing has changed with the company materially,” Boetefuer said. “It’s still the same company. It’s still the same people.”

By Seth Clevenger
Staff Reporter


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