Using AMCS Fleet Management Software (Formerly Dossier Systems)

Dossier 7 is now AMCS Fleet Management – the next generation of cloud-based fleet management. Drive visibility, productivity, efficiency and cost savings across your fleet business.
Let us show you how our fleet management system can produce significant cost savings and increased productivity quickly. AMCS Fleet Maintenance (formerly Dossier Systems) is your one-stop shop for fleet management.
Gain visibility into your assets, fuel, tires and more with customizable dashboards. Scheduling is made simple too, whether it’s route management, preventive maintenance, inspections or work orders – you can do it in a single platform.
Your team can capture data straight from their cell phones using our iPhone and Android apps. Get instant access to the data that is collected so you know if issues arise.
  • Gain visibility into your fleet operations to save time and money
  • Reduce downtime and keep your customers happy with on-time deliveries
  • Turn unneeded parts inventory into cash, and use data to stop stocking in excess
  • Increase warranty recovery by 50%
  • Have the answers to compliance questions at your fingertips