As an interstate freight carrier, we have many issues and concerns to deal with day in and day out. The company fleet requires plenty of attention and each truck and trailer has numerous items that need our attention, including preventative maintenance, license plates, inspections, tire replacement, and in some unfortunate occasions, accident repairs. Dossier advises whenever preventative services are needed and this helps the shop to stay on top of all needed repairs. Also, proper inspections will be notated to keep equipment compliant. Overall, Dossier keeps us informed of what needs to be done to our equipment before it becomes a problem. Our inventory had been an issue for years. With Dossier, we are able to manage the inventory easily since we know how many parts are in stock and notified when reorder levels are reached. We also get to review the pricing and quantities on previously purchased parts from vendors, which allows us to negotiate lower prices. Dossier also enables us to analyze spending on vendors, repairs on specific units (both truck and trailers), and labor by type of repair and for each mechanic. In addition, we have the ability to track fuel and tire efficiencies. This is essential to our operation and has really been a big key to our cost reductions. Dossier has made it easier and less complicated for us to manage our shop. We know it has helped us perform our job better with less stress. The Dossier interface to our McLeod system transfers all maintenance and financial data automatically, so we can stay focused on keeping the fleet running. The more we learn about what we can do with Dossier, the more thankful we are that we have the program.