Every year we add new ways to track our fleet here at The Regional Water Authority. Whether it’s CPM, Maintenance, parts inventory, downtime of vehicles, Parts needed to be ordered, parts on hand for a job, MPG or just about anything you can think of, Dossier has made all this information available for us at the touch of a few keystrokes. Although the options available are in excess of what we use or even may need, it’s there. If you don’t know how to gain this information a simple phone call to their fantastic support team makes it easy. Before Dossier, we had a notebook and had to write all the information in this book. I still keep this book and look through it from time to time to remind me of how much data and information was overlooked before we got Dossier. This year we added forty backup generators to the list of things Dossier tracks; we also started to track mechanics certifications, CDL licenses and physicals. There is no end to the savings associated with the addition of Dossier to our fleet over the years.