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Dossier is the finest management software tool available for food and beverage fleet operations. Dossier automates control and administration, while using real-time data to unlock the hidden productivity and cost savings potential through powerful, customizable reports.

Dean Foods

Dossier assists us with managing our DOT compliance and recovering warranty dollars, thus lowering our fleet expense. Dossier’s extensive reporting gives us deep insight and allows us to analyze costs for our nationwide fleet of over 20,000 assets.

Jeff Allison, Information Systems Manager - Transportation

Dean Foods


Silver Eagle has been utilizing Dossier since 1995. Over the years as our company and our fleet has grown to more than double its original size. Dossier has been right there with us. Expanding and enhancing their programs to meet our increasing demand for cost control and detailed reporting for all of our rolling billboards.

Brewery Products is a family-owned Pennsylvania beer wholesaler that has been utilizing Dossier software since 1989 to accurately maintain and track our fleet information. Dossier helps us track our fuel cost with the ability to break it down by unit or truck type. We utilize Dossier to track individual maintenance costs to assist in our fleet life cycle decisions. At Brewery Products, to more efficiently track our expenses and maintenance costs, we recently we added Dossier On-Board. We highly recommend the services of Dossier software to any and all size fleets.

For over 86 years, AE Dairy has been known as the family dairy on the East side of Des Moines. While great taste is our goal, an unyielding focus on quality is our requirement. This extends to the relationships we have with our partners as well. Dossier is a valued tool for AE’s fleet operations. The opportunity to test the software and provide feedback, which helped improve the system’s functions, was invaluable. The custom reporting features and outstanding technical expertise all contribute to our goal of achieving AE’s “Ridiculously High Standards.”

Oakhurst Dairy has been using Dossier since 1993. I saw the software as a tool that was needed to stay on top of our maintenance and to stay one step ahead of the leasing companies that were pounding on our door. This program gave me the tools to be informed and gave me the numbers to fight off the leasing companies for twenty years. Choosing Dossier was one of the best fleet decisions that I’ve made in my 26 years at Oakhurst.