Dossier fleet management software is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your fleet assets, empowering you to manage your equipment, employees and resources in real time through a robust set of fleet maintenance features:

Fuel & Meter Import

This vehicle tracking features provides you with critical fuel and meter information without time-consuming manual data entry. Automatically import and update fuel and meter data directly into Dossier from your automated fuel island, commercial fueling network provider, onboard computers and any other data source. Your PM schedules are automatically updated accordingly.


Bar Coding

Take fleet tracking to a higher level by using bar codes for your parts, vehicles, equipment — even your mechanics. During normal entry of repair orders, if Dossier identifies and alerts you of a potential warranty issue, it will produce a special parts warranty label. Bar Code scanning hardware, printers, and labels are also available from Dossier Systems.

Tire_Management (Jennifer Greenjack's conflicted copy 2014-08-14)

Tire Management

The Dossier Tire Management system will directly impact your ability to reduce your fleet’s tire expenses, and equipment downtime due to tire related issues. Dossier Tire Management provides an intuitive workflow to help control your tires, alerts you to abnormal and unsafe conditions, and provides reports to help you make decisions on tires and manufacturers. The system tracks all tires from purchase to disposal and identifies and reports tires with severe operational issues. Dossier Tire Management is flexible to allow you to track your tires in great detail, or just the basics, which ever fits your fleet’s data needs.


External Work Management (EWM)

EWM provides automated management of your outside service vendors to save time, avoid errors and enforce approvals. EWM can be configured according to your needs, from simple data import to comprehensive authorization workflow, giving you the desired level of oversight to pre-authorize costs, approve invoices and maintain a history of transactional data


Audit Trail (not available in Essentials)

Capture complete audit data as changes are made to the system. Maintain a running history of all database activity for a configurable period of time or maximum amount of storage, which happens first. Configure Dossier to alert you when space is low and advise how much old data to delete when the maximum defined space is reached


Customer Management

Customer Management tracks quotes/invoices for work performed on equipment of outside customers or departments within your own organization. Dossier tracks and displays all quotes on the Daily Reminder whether they are unapproved/awaiting customer approval or approved/awaiting the work. Quotes can be converted easily into active repair orders, and from repair orders to invoices.


Optional Integrations (available only in Professional)

McLeod Loadmaster Enterprise Integration

This new feature provides bi-directional information flow of both business and maintenance data to improve productivity and profitability. The interface allows the appropriate system to serve as system of record so that important decision-making information will get to the right place faster, without manual transfer or duplicate data entry.

NAPA TAMS Integration

NAPA Integrated Business Solutions Program streamlines parts management to reduce the overall cost of an on-site Parts Department by reducing the inventory investment, lowering the cost of transactions, increasing productivity and providing single-source billing. It also protects your fleet from possible inventory shrinkage, devaluation and obsolescence.

Dossier On-Board Integration with Telematics Providers

Telematics is changing the way fleets do business. In the spirit of continuous innovation, Dossier is evolving to incorporate the newest telematics technology; we currently provide seamless integration with Command Alkon FiveCubits, Geotab, GPS Insight, Omnitracs, PeopleNet, Verizon Networkfleet and Zonar Systems, providers with leading market solutions.

Dossier Data eXchange (DDX) and Custom Integrations

The DDX platform enables Dossier to support automatic, real-time data exchange with external systems, for example, ERP, finance, purchasing, dispatch, etc. DDX allows our developers to create interface Conduits outside of the Dossier product, meaning that a new Dossier release is typically not required to complete a new interface. It also means that all interfaces conform to the Dossier business rules, making them more maintainable going forward. Interface Conduits can only be developed in-house by Dossier Systems; there is no software development kit (SDK) for DDX.