Welcome to Maintenance Matters


Bob Hausler, VP Marketing and Technology, Dossier Systems.

Welcome to the Maintenance Matters blog, an online discussion dedicated to real-world maintenance issues that fleets face on a daily basis. Maintenance Matters is a play on words that very accurately describes what this blog is about – “matters,” as in maintenance-focused issues or topics, and “matters,” as in maintenance is important.

This blog is something that we have been talking about internally for some time. Every week, we send our staff of highly experienced Fleet Management Consultants to locations around the country. This team helps fleets get a fresh start with maintenance software, improve or reset processes, train new staff, or just set goals to get to the next level of performance. We frequently see trends or challenges that many fleets encounter, such as dealing with new regulations, adopting new technologies, integrating with business systems, etc.

We have great, interactive discussions on these kinds of topics at our Dossier Summit user conference, but it’s once a year and not everyone can make it. We want this blog to provide the same kind of forum, but always available. We’ll put content up about once per month, but will also welcome content from Dossier users that has broad industry application.

Thanks for reading – drop us a note if you have feedback; we would love to hear from you.

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